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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Slovenia

I’m tempted not to share my Slovenia tips because the country is so surprisingly lovely I want to keep it all to myself. If you’re thinking about planning your summer trip, Slovenia should be high up on your list of places to visit. This teeny country, sandwiched between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, is so small,…

By travelyoutopia November 28, 2022 0

The Future Of Travel

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the freedom to travel is precious. With flights across the world grounded, hotel doors shut and most global destinations out of bounds, the way we travel and our right to travel has changed. And that’s set to continue into 2021. I’m a huge advocate of road trips. Since…

By travelyoutopia November 30, 2020 0

Paris In Four Hours – Why Not

After an epic summer road trip from Brighton to Croatia and back again (taking in seven countries and 3,000 miles on the way), we took a wrong turn off the Périphérique on the way to Rouen so ended up taking the kids on an impromptu four-hour tour of Paris. Now, Paris isn’t my favourite European city…

By travelyoutopia November 1, 2020 0