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7 Things to do in Budapest

There are plenty of things to do in Budapest, Hungary’s alluring capital. Whether you want culture, nightlife, history, food & drink or shopping, spend a few days in Budapest to discover a fascinating mix of old meets new. With similarities to Berlin and its Austrian neighbour, Vienna, Budapest is probably best known for the mighty…

By travelyoutopia February 26, 2024 0

Best Lidos in the UK

With the opening of Sealanes, Brighton’s outdoor swimming pool, and after seeing Blur at Eastbourne’s Winter Gardens recently, it got me thinking about the UK’s best outdoor lidos.  Blur’s artwork for their new album ‘The Ballad of Darren’ features an image of a solitary swimmer in Scotland’s iconic Gourock Outdoor Pool by British photographer Martin…

By travelyoutopia June 7, 2023 0