The Future Of Travel

The Future Of Travel

November 30, 2020 0 By travelyoutopia

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the freedom to travel is precious. With flights across the world grounded, hotel doors shut and most global destinations out of bounds, the way we travel and our right to travel has changed. And that’s set to continue into 2021.

I’m a huge advocate of road trips. Since having children 16 years ago, most of our trips abroad have involved long European road trips from our home in Brighton to Croatia, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Slovenia and most European countries in between. We take flights occasionally but the majority of our holidays with the children have been done by car.


The environmental impact of flying can’t be ignored. And this year it’s been good to rethink our relationship with travel and see where we can make a difference. The beauty of a road trip lies in searching for the road less travelled and stumbling on places you’d probably never find in a travel guide. It gives you the opportunity to slow down and stop off in places you’d never discover on a plane and visit destinations you’ve probably never heard of.

Last year on our road trip back from Croatia (around 2,200 miles in total), we stopped off in the stunning Šibenik, Slovenia a place you’ll rarely read about in most mainstream travel features. The previous summer we drove back home through Italy, stopping off in Verona so we could take the children to experience opera at the Arena di Verona, an incredible Roman amphitheatre dating back to the first century. Three hours of Italian opera tested them but it’s an experience none of us will ever forget.


If you really don’t want to drive long distances, why not consider taking the train? There are so many countries to discover by rail and the trip by train alone is an experience in itself. UK to Scandinavia by train? Calais to the South of France?

Or maybe explore all those parts of the UK you’ve never quite got round to seeing. Although you can’t guarantee good weather, you can guarantee that there are lots of places in the UK that are worth your time.

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